This post is an assignment for the MOOC I’m taking on The Future of Storytelling.  You can take the course and complete the creative tasks too.

Please pick any existing serial protagonist that you know very well, and use the attached PDF/the form below to create a character profile. This profile should include his or her most important traits. Please post the ANSWER below this question post.

This is helpful because…
a) …you can compare this profile to that of other protagonists.
b) …you can learn how serial characters are built and why some characters work better than others.

Gender: Female
Age: Teens and early twenties
Physical Description (Size, Weight, Defining Attributes…): blonde hair, “tv average” build (so quite thin and pretty), skilled at martial arts
Personality/Nature: This character is intelligent and loyal to her friends.  Though she is very special, doesn’t always believe herself to be so, and in fact often expresses that she wishes she did not have many of the attributes that make her unique.
Ambitions/Desires: She always wants to do things typical of her peer group.  She wants to go to prom, have a boyfriend, go to college, etc. (it rarely works out as she hopes it would).
Is mostly seen as: The general population believes she is just somewhat weird, and perhaps even a bit degenerate.
Sees her/himself as: She sees herself as an unfortunate hero.  She has a lot of responsibility that she did not necessarily want to take on.  She doesn’t get a choice.
Loves: She loves the people who matter most to her.  Her mother, her mentor, and a close circle of peers seem to be her biggest priorities.
Believes in: This character seems to be very relationship-oriented.  She places her faith in the people she trusts, and she defends them.
Trusts:  See “believes in.”  I think it’s interesting that though she lives in a world where there is a lot of evidence for some sort of spiritual higher power, she places her faith in the people that she can see and interact with.
Fears most: Harm coming to those she loves.  Her own death.
Fights for: Humanity.
Hates: Dishonesty, things that go bump in the night.
Most important event in life up to date: Her death.
Most influenced by: Her situation, her mentor, her friends.
Best Friends: peer group she met in high school, enemies who eventually befriend her, family members
Worst Enemies: leaders who are out to harm her or those she cares about.  Sometimes her enemies become her friends, and vice versa.
Relationship/Family status: Raised by a single parent, she learns that she has a sister mid-way through the series.
Social/Ethnic Background: Middle-class American.
Occupation: Student, sometimes taking on part-time jobs, but never for a long time.
Education: Begins the series in high school.  Attends college, but has not finished as of the most recent episode.
Hobbies: Loves old movies, spending quality time with those closest to her.  Can put together a great Halloween costume.
Special Skills/Talents: Excellent at martial arts, quick with weapons.
Flaws: She trusts too much, and sometimes her trust is betrayed.  However, she will kill a person she cares about if it becomes necessary.
Disabilities: none.
Special behaviourism(s), quirks,…: Delivers excellent one-liners, often while in the heat of battle.
Style (Dress/Life Style):  Casual dresses, jeans and tank-tops, moto-style jackets.  Chunky ‘90s heels (what, it was the ‘90s!).

Name: Buffy Summers
TV Series, this character is in: Buffy The Vampire Slayer


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