I am Margaret. I live in Austin, TX.

author wrapped in caution tape

I’m not usually wrapped in caution tape.

Things I love include:

  • my husband Stephen
  • higher ed
  • student affairs tech
  • feminism
  • making up ridiculous portmanteaus (“Quesorum:” a quorum of queso eaters, “Interescouraging:” something that is interesting but discouraging, etc.)
  • humorous *.gifs on tumblr, especially those involving cats
  • vegetarian food
  • my delightful yet slightly crazy extended family
  • the fiction of Flannery O’Connor
  • chile con queso (hence the title)

Things I dislike include:

  • summer in Texas (I’m convinced I’m part polar bear)
  • people on freeways who merge at the last minute when a lane ends and don’t use their turn signal when they pull in right in front of you and proceed to drive 20 mph under the speed limit
  • the fact that there isn’t a single word in the English language that expresses the idea contained in the previous bullet point
  • eminent domain
  • meaningless quotations in fancy typography added and shared as photos on Facebook
  • surprise onions in my food
  • the fact that my novel seems to be going nowhere

I Tweet @margaretggarry.  Let’s be friends, or alternatively, let’s be professionally networked colleagues.  I could go either way.


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